Tuesday, 6 January 2009


helo peples of the internets

i hav a very imporkant anounsement

ther are some pore gorillures that need helps like BANANURES and OINKMENT cos not orl of them are lucky like me and live in a nise warms flat

plese go to here http://www.gorilla.cd/ to lern about the truble that the pore mountern gorillures are in and give away yore money and tel everyone else other peples about it plese

also ther are peples that look after the gorillures and they need things too like MEDISINE BLANKETS TRUCKS TENTS and SUNDRIES

then ther is everybody else who lives in DR CONGO and you can helps them here https://www.oxfam.org.uk/donate/direct/pages/2008LUA001.html

how lucky we ar that we can sit in our houses flats and mansions and these peples cant so we needs do wot we can to helps

Friday, 15 June 2007



here is a boke called INTERNASHERNAL SOSHERLISM it is a boke about POLLERTICS which is what TONY BLIAR does for a living but he lernt his pollertics off a snail at infant playtime

for this boke i hav put my reeding glarses on so as to appere ERYOODITE and INTERLECHUAL like BRIAN SEWELL who looks like TONY HART made from twiglets

hopfuly this will be interesting but who can tell

this pose is called PONDERUS it was invented by VITROOVIAN MAN when he wasnt flashing his bits at sepia ladies on parchmernt

here i am pondering the ins and outs of internashernal sosherlism it apperes that it is mostly to do with KEN LIVINGSTERN SEAGULL the birdman of london

everything in sosherlism is red thats the colour of sosherlism here is a joke

q whats red and invisiberl

a no sosherlists

right now we get to the meat and the profe of the meat is in the meating or something

when ive read this i will send it to RICHERD MADELEY the muddleheaded playboy of DAYTIME TEEVEE

i will atach a POSTIT NOTE saying dere richerd this is a real mans boke not like the BUNTY cos there are no 50s scholgirls swotting

thatll teach him to say GET OUT YOU DIRTY OLD BIDDIES to UNA STUBBS its in chapter fore

this is becoming too much for me praps my brane is too small

i am going to look at the pichers on the cover insted

the picher on the cover is an abstract impreshunist rendering of wax legend ARTIE FUFKIN holding a broom with the werds JOUSTING FOR BUOYS writen on it

my eyes are tired and i only have two

gosh its made me fall asleep

the last boke that made me fall asleep was the DA VINSHY COD an that was only cos of its CRUSHING AWFULNESS praps i am a narkerleptic like WAYNE SLEEP the sopperific dancing midget

next week i spect it will be a boke but not BORJES i dont know who that is unless its the things you get on canals in IRELAND home of GAVRIL O'PRINCHEEP the babyfaced asasin

three out of five for this pile of mustard

Friday, 8 June 2007



this is the bigest book i have ever reads exept YOOLERSEES and now i will reveuw it

it is an book abote some ITALYANS and a compoter it is named after FOOCOS PENDERLUM wich is a grape on a string in a museum in PARIS the home of YITSACK RABEEN celerbrated inventor of comedy juice drink RABEENA dont get it in your yarmulke the stanes never come out

i got neerly half way throughugh this boke before i even understood two words and they were both the same

thus far i cant recomend it espeshaly not to RICHARD MADERLEY tvs most famust nincompupe

still lets see what happens in the sekernd half praps PETER CROWCH will score in injery time

one page just says HE SAID i mean wot sort of writing is that its just a lot of nonsense

i reely cant get on with this book its torcherous and verbose pretenshus old guff

id rather read the nutrishernal information on the side of a packet of NABISCO MEATY MEAT POPS at least the plot is better

compared to this WOR AND PEAS is like reading TOPSY AN TIM GO TO KANDAHAR

i have it on good orthority that UMBERTO EGG keeps the toys out of KINDER EGG in his beerd hense his last name EGG

bit of a giveaway if you ask me

this is a picher of him sporting a plastic tie and matching clip-on toopay he looks like TED BOVIS with a mask on

he rote some otha books corled THE NAME OF MY HOSE and TRAVERLS IN HYPERBANALITY they were as poo as this except the fillum staring SEEN CANARY and CHRIST ITS IAN SLATER

now i have finished it i am inklined to RUN AWAY cos UMBERTO EGG is trying to get in my ear and we cant have that

i dont want to be asimerlated by italian eggmen not after the last time and that was a messy extracshun involving a turky baster and a copy of granma irmingbum's WOMERNS WEAKLY

im off to get a sanwidge


i'd give it one bananure out of five if it was up to me and it is so i have

Friday, 1 June 2007

once upon a time in the wets

once i had an page on the intornet in wich i read books so you dont haves to now there are this page wich is called a blog as it is the fust of june in forthcoming days i will reed books and tell you wots in them so you dont have to bother with reedin it i have nerly finished reeding FOOCOS PENDERLUM so that will be fust